Lilla Varvet

Welcome to Sweden’s biggest running event

LillaVarvet/CityVarvet (Gothenburg youth race) is Sweden’s largest running event and last year 12,000 kids joined the race in the park Slottsskogen on the Gothenburg Half Marathon weekend.

Day of competition:
MiniVarvet is on Saturday the 19th and Sunday the 20th of May, 2018 for kids born 2012-2018. This takes place on a 250 m course in Slottsskogen and registration takes places on the race weekend.

LillaVarvet is the race for runners born 2005-2011 and takes place in Slottsskogen on Sunday the 20th of May, 2018. There’s a very special feeling in wearing a race bib, getting ready on the starting line and running through a cheering crowd. Start is 11am-2.40pm depending on age and there are two different courses; kids between born 2005-2007 run 2.4 km and kids 2008-2011 run 1.3 km.

CityVarvet is for runners born 1999-2004. The race is on Saturday the 19th of May, 2018 and starts at Götaplatsen and then follows the blue line of Göteborgsvarvet Half Marathon through avenues of cheering crowds, all the way to the finish line in Slottsskogsvallen. Cityvarvet is 4.3 kilometers.


The registration to above races can be made in two ways.

1. Visit and choose race and do the registration online. The registration fee is 120 kr for LillaVarvet and 200 kr for CityVavet. When registered, send an email to with NAME, AGE and T-SHIRT SIZE, so I can organize shirts, meeting place, etc.

2. If the first option doesn’t work, send an email to with NAME, PERSONAL NUMBER, ADDRESS, EMAIL, T-SHIRTS SIZE and TEL and I’ll do a group registration.

Prizes and awards:
Every runner will receive a nice medal after the race and a nice diploma will be sent home a couple of weeks after the race.


For pictures from previous years, click on and for a short video click on