Welcome to a new fantastic year of sports!

ISGR Sports Club is pleased to announce that we will have a fantastic after school sports program for our kids in the 2019/2020 school year. We hope to have something for everyone!!

Please click here for more detailed information about the schedule and info about each activity.


To join an activity, please send an email with Name & Surname, Grade, Pers nr (10 digits), Parent Tel and Email to You will get a confirmation email when your child has got a place.

All participants will become members of the ISGR Sports Club and the fee for one activity is 350 SEK/term and should be paid in the beginning of each term to Bankgiro 648-3788. It is very important that you put the participants Name & Surname in the message box when you do the payment and please wait to pay the fee until you get a confirmation email that your child has got a place. Please let us know by email if your child has any special needs, so the coaches can create the best training possible for the group.

Each activity has a maximum number of students it can take for safety and quality reasons, so please sign up ASAP if interested and as we want to have as many kids as possible active, it’s a chance you will not be able to join all activities you sign up for, so please write your first choice first. Thanks!!!!

Routines if an activity is cancelled

1. You will receive an email ASAP.
2. A note on Sports Club Facebook page will be posted. Please go in and LIKE our page,
3. Guldheden campus reception will be notified.
On activity days, I strongly recommend you do check one of the above ways of communications.

Routines for kids in PAL

Due to the problematic situation with transporting the kids in PAL to and from the activity and for the PAL teachers to keep control of who is where, the school has decided that kids in GRADE K – 2 are not allowed to join an activity on the days they are in PAL unless a parent can come to help out with transportation. In this case, they are not allowed to go back to PAL afterwards. Sorry for the inconvenience.
If you have questions, thoughts or ideas, don’t hesitate to contact us by email to

Hope to see many of you this coming school year!!