Superkids Marathon Challenge

Superkids Marathon Challenge is a project we are starting this year to promote physical activity. This is a project that hopefully will get the kids and the whole family more active. It will run from Monday the 26th of August 2019 until Saturday the 9th of May.

How does it work?

You will accumulate kilometers by taking part in physical activities such as running, soccer, cross country skiing, basketball, swimming, hockey, dance, forest walk, + many more outside of the school hours. All physical activities counts :-)). For every 30 minutes of physical activity, one kilometer is marked down on a tracker sheet. You can create your own tracker sheet or you can get one from me by email. Let me know.

As a family, you can set your own goals and It’s super fun to watch the kilometers add up. An idea is to have some nice awards/celebrations when a goal is reached. All participant will get a super nice medal after completion!

On Saturday the 9th of May we will have a Superkids Marathon Challenge fun run for anybody interested to celebrate the amazing work we have done.

You can also buy a super nice Superkids Marathon Challenge T-shirt for 100kr only. This can be a great award when a goal is reached. Please email the order to

You are invited to join the Superkids Facebook group where you can get motivation, ideas, post pictures and more. Here is a link to the group We’re looking forward to see the progress! For more information, please contact the ISGR Sports Club at Good Luck!!